When Your Kids Go Back to School, Thank a Teacher

School starts soon, I know this not only because of the date, but because everything is about the back to school sales--regardless of the type of store (remember this commercial from Staples?).  The second post of my blog was to thank some of my favorite teachers.  If you haven't' thanked a teacher, either your own … Continue reading When Your Kids Go Back to School, Thank a Teacher

Pick Me Up: Teachers Rock!

Two birds with one stone again today...I like it when this happens! It's National Teacher Appreciation Day, and the prompt for today is: What is the one word or phrase that immediately cheers you up when you hear it?  The absolute first thing that popped into my head is:  Teachers Rock! Totally, they do!  Being a … Continue reading Pick Me Up: Teachers Rock!

First Day

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Abandoned It was the first day of school and this little angel's mom couldn't stay because she had to rush off to work.  The look on her face captured my heart and I was lucky enough to have the camera on my phone ready to snap this picture.  I don't know what … Continue reading First Day

Roast Beef Dinner, My Fourth Grade Teacher, and Pumpkin Ice Cream

Tonight Steve and I went to the Riverside Congregational Church's annual Roast Beef Dinner. It's named for my brother-in-law's late father, Bob Olson. We arrived after the serving had begun and walked into Bristol Hall. Five long rows of tables end to end, lined with white plastic table cloths and chairs running down either side. The … Continue reading Roast Beef Dinner, My Fourth Grade Teacher, and Pumpkin Ice Cream

Sunshine Award, Cool!

I didn't get into doing this blog with any purpose other than to thank people who've been a part of my life in one way or another. My husband tells me every day, "You're going to really help someone who reads these posts." Much to my surprise and delight, I received a lovely email/comment on … Continue reading Sunshine Award, Cool!

Good Morning, Captain!

Today I went to the annual Investing In Our Children Luncheon for Children's Friend. It's the organization I work for and this was the 11th annual event. Before the luncheon begins there is a silent auction set up outside the Convention Center's main ballroom. There are long tables with donated items attractively packaged with bidding … Continue reading Good Morning, Captain!

Girls Gone…Amazing

There are times, as I've experienced and been told, that the inspiration for writing something on a daily basis can be hard to come by. Today, I decided to for a muse by scrolling through my list of Facebook friends. I noticed as I made my way down the 2-column page that I'm connected to … Continue reading Girls Gone…Amazing

Kash’s Teacher

I began today to clean up the basement. We have more junk and clothes and toys and crap down there than we will ever use. The nice thing is that we can have a pretty terrific yard sale in a couple of weeks. The Lego's alone have the potential to bring in a enough to … Continue reading Kash’s Teacher

Sew Buttons On Eggs

No, you can't really do that, but sewing is a skill that I'm certainly happy to have learned, early. I went to sewing classes at Sears at the Rhode Island Mall, when it was called the Midland Mall. My sister Nancy and I took lessons at the same time. We were dropped off by my … Continue reading Sew Buttons On Eggs

Wake Up Call

I was having a conversation at work yesterday during a supervision session with one of my staff.  He's a good guy, a ton of experience, well-respected by just about the entire staff.  He recounted a comment that one of his hallway-mates made about a presentation he did at a recent staff retreat.  She'd said "Wow, … Continue reading Wake Up Call