Cake, A Love Story

Who doesn't like cake, really, who?  The daily writing prompt from yesterday is one I just can't let go by without a response! I know there are people who say they don't like cake, but I'm going to de-bunk  a couple of silly excuses right now! "I don't like chocolate."  (There are lots of other flavors: lemon, vanilla, … Continue reading Cake, A Love Story

Round 2: Summer Lovin’ Photos

I so liked the weekly photo challenge from Friday that I thought I'd share some more of why I love summer.  Our garden has given us an amazing and bountiful harvest and will continue to well into the fall.  We've shared with neighbors, family, coworkers, friends, and I'm sure there is so much more to … Continue reading Round 2: Summer Lovin’ Photos

Birthday Cake Tradition

Daily Prompt: Time After Time I was born on St. Patrick's Day.  Everyone's Irish on that day and conveniently I am anyway, so it makes it an extra special day for me.  I also have two older sisters born during that same week in March and we've often celebrated our birthdays together.  But we've always each … Continue reading Birthday Cake Tradition

Giant Step: Kelly’s Cheesecakes and Cookies

Daily prompt:  What giant step did you take where you hoped your leg wouldn’t break? Was it worth it, were you successful in walking on the moon, or did your leg break? I don't consider myself much of a risk taker, although I imagine every day we get out of bed is something of a … Continue reading Giant Step: Kelly’s Cheesecakes and Cookies

Blondes Have Got to Stick Together

My posts this month that have had the greatest amount of traffic and feedback have been my recipes.  I've found it rewarding to share the yummy baked goods that bring family, friends and co-workers joy during the holidays.  The fact they have elicited some happy memories for you who read these posts, is a bonus! Tonight, it's not that I … Continue reading Blondes Have Got to Stick Together

Silpat, This Baker’s Best Friend

For those who know me, you might be surprised to find out that there was a time when, yes, I would burn cookies--not on purpose, naturally.   It was not an everyday occurrence, but when it happened there could be an episode or two of throwing the odd cookie sheet across the kitchen with the charred … Continue reading Silpat, This Baker’s Best Friend

Just One More Holiday Recipe…For Millie

I thought yesterday was going to be my last recipe, but today I was thinking about my friend Millie.  She's a great lady!  I met her in 1998 when she started to work for me, we worked together for about eight years.  Recently, I've had the chance to work with her again.  It was a … Continue reading Just One More Holiday Recipe…For Millie

Flaky Pineapple Squares – Holiday Recipe #7

This will be the final recipe in this series of posts, and you can thank my Mom for just about all of them.  This one, Flaky Pineapple Squares, was found by her in the Boston Sunday Globe magazine.  When, I'm not sure, but I'm told it was at the same time as the Minty-wiches recipe.  … Continue reading Flaky Pineapple Squares – Holiday Recipe #7

Minty-whiches, Holiday Recipe #6

If you haven't seen a pattern in the recipes I've shared so far it is that they all came from my mother. My mom is well-known among us for tearing recipes out of magazines and the newspaper or writing it on the back of a random empty envelope;  and if she was not using it right … Continue reading Minty-whiches, Holiday Recipe #6

An Irish Girl Can Make Biscotti – Holiday Recipe #4

About 14 years ago I made my first biscotti.  It was also the point at which I bought my can't-live-without Kitchen Aid stand mixer (the big one)--it's still going strong and I've only had to replace with whipping attachment once! At this point in my life I was dating an Italian chef, so I was … Continue reading An Irish Girl Can Make Biscotti – Holiday Recipe #4