It’s All How You See It

I’ve enjoyed the weekly photo challenges and this week’s is no exception.  It gives me a chance to go back to all the photos I’ve taken with my cell phone, and some of them aren’t half bad!

I live in the suburbs, but there is also a fair amount of wooded areas nearby so we get our share of wildlife in the neighborhood.  Early one morning a red fox went scurrying down the street, stopping into each driveway to see what’s-what, and then going continuing on to the woods at the end of the street.  It is surprising what we get to see.

These pictures are of a family of turkeys that stopped by every day for a couple of months last fall to have their dinner with us.  We will continue to “thank” our friends feather friends this spring, summer and fall, too.

Turkeys stopping by
Turkeys need a drink on a hot day!
bubba turkey 2
Bubba needed some entertainment on a hot day, too.

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