Halloween Dance 1979

Perhaps not the earliest memory of dancing, but certainly one of the most memorable was the Halloween Dance in 1979.  The music was K.C. and the Sunshine Band, Michael Jackson, Blondie, Christopher Cross, Dr. Hook, and I was there with my sisters, Judy and Nancy. 

fameI think I was dressed in a skirt, my saddle shoes, a sweet pony tail, trying to look like a bobby-socks-er from the 50’s.  I have no memory of what my sisters had dressed as, but I’m sure it was clever.  There were a couple of songs in particular that, when played, would have us quickly find each other across the cafeteria, find our way to an empty space on the dance floor and break into our “sister dance”.  It was either doing the “bump” as a three-way or “rocking” to Michael Jackson’s Rock With You, that would have us completely enjoying ourselves and others watching our moves.

So, why was the Halloween Dance that year such a memorable one?  Well, the three of us were out on the dance floor doing our thing when suddenly, my foot and ankle went in one direction and my knee when in the other.  I dropped to the floor in screaming amazing pain.  No one knew what had happened, it was such a random accident.  My sister Judy stood over me; she was yelling:  “If you don’t stop screaming, I’m not going to help you.”  I’d like to believe it was because she was as frightened as I was, we didn’t know what had happened.

Before any of the faculty chaperones come to my aid, several of the football players were by my side trying to help…gotta admit that felt kind of great!  Of course these were the jocks, the boys we all had mad crushes on and likely would never date.  Yup, that it definitely felt great. 

The result of the evening was a dislocated knee and full leg cast for a few weeks; and, newfound friend on the football team who held open doors and helped while I was on crutches.  Today’s thank you goes out to those cute and helpful football players, of course.  But I also need to thank my sisters–there was always someone to dance with!   

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