Sweet Dreams: Daily Prompt


dirty harryDreams are a funny thing.  My husband can recount his dreams with such detail, vivid color and action, it amazes me.  Stories of bank robbing with Clint Eastwood, leaping tall buildings in a single bound; his dreams are usually a reflection of what we watched on television that night or what he read on Buzz Feed.  For the life of me, I cannot remember dreams at all.  I certainly have been wakened in the middle of the night by something rearing its head during my REM cycle. There have been plenty of times when Steve will gently wake me if I’m having a bad dream and ask me if I’m okay.  My usual response is, “I’m fine, why are you waking me up?”  Recalling what it is that causes him to wake me is gone as soon as my eyes open! 

dream picThe first time I heard about analyzing dreams in any formal way was in a psychology class in college.  I took the class as an elective at the recommendation of an upperclassman whose opinion I valued.  Social Psychology was the course and Dr. Bartol was the professor.  I took notes ferociously ; the one-subject, spiral bound pad was something I found myself referring back to years after I graduated.  It helped that Dr. Bartol had written the textbook we used for the class. He was one of those professors who engaged students, he didn’t talk at us, he had a conversation with us!  What I remember most from the discussions about dreams is that, dreams are a way of our psyche to relax and recover from the daily trials and tribulations we experience–to let go of the angst and replace it with peace and joy.

Even though recalling my dreams is a challenge, at best; I’m sure I dream.  I’d like to believe that most of them are uplifting and take me to a happy place, and for that I’d like to thank Dr. Bartol.

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