The Four Agreements

When I was going through training to become a certified empowerment coach we had a whole host of required reading to do.  One of the books that I found most memorable and practical was The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. Each of the four agreements on its own seems like good, common sense advice for anyone.  … Continue reading The Four Agreements

Who Really Listens?

Who listens to you, really listens? During different times in our lives, both sad and happy, there are go-to people who we seek out to share our news. It's not always the same people. I think we tend to go to the same person for all of our happy news and change pace for all … Continue reading Who Really Listens?


I don't know why it's on my mind today, but I was thinking about who might not get thanked in a blog like mine. I mean, my subtitle is about saying thank you to people who've helped me along my path, so it makes sense that I might focus on people who were positive and … Continue reading Pedestals

Write It Down

At certain points in our life we seek out someone to talk to about our problems, at least I have. For many people a counselor or therapist or coach, can support our desire to change something about our life that we're struggling with in some way. I've known my fair share of counselors over the … Continue reading Write It Down

Retreat, Retreat!

Today I had a retreat with some of my staff.  I try to do this kind of day-long event at least once a year, for each group that reports to me.  It's a chance for us to come together to share ideas, develop some answers, and identify challenges.  I love these kind of days because … Continue reading Retreat, Retreat!

I Know HOW to Lose the Weight, Now to Do It (Again)

In 1999 I signed up for a weight loss study; a 2-year endeavor that involved calorie counting and mandatory exercise. The study was sponsored by a local university and was medically supervised. Study participants had to agree to eat a specified number of calories a day and exercise the compulsory number of minutes per week. There … Continue reading I Know HOW to Lose the Weight, Now to Do It (Again)

If You Missed National Thank You Day…

National Thank You Day, depending on what you believe when you Google it, was either September 12th or 27th. Since I missed the day regardless, I'm proposing that today, October 10th, is Thank You Day! So, I think that anyone who reads my blog, or post on Facebook, should take a minute and thank someone. … Continue reading If You Missed National Thank You Day…

The $64,000 Question

Back in 2007 I took the time to be trained as a life coach. In case you don't know what that is, I like to describe as someone who is a guidance counselor for grown-ups. It's a person who is not a therapist or a mentor or a boss, but someone who is able to … Continue reading The $64,000 Question