Who Really Listens?

listenWho listens to you, really listens? During different times in our lives, both sad and happy, there are go-to people who we seek out to share our news. It’s not always the same people. I think we tend to go to the same person for all of our happy news and change pace for all of our sad news. When I take a look at the history of my moments of need and who I turned to for an ear to bend, I’ve been blessed!

During my middle twenties my parents were divorcing. It turned my world upside down, even though it was a fairly expected outcome. When the bottom falls out of the world you’d known forever, it can help more than a little, to talk things out. One of my college friends, who I’d kept in touch with after graduation, is who I turned to on more than one occasion. I’d call when I was down, or go and visit when an in-person crying jag is the only way to work through what was bugging me

tin cansI hope she remembers our calls and visits with the same fondness that I have for them. We helped each other through several challenges along our path to who we’ve become today. When I read the quote I shared at the top of the post today, I thought of Tari; and today, I thank her!

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