First Day, She Helped!

Three years and seven months ago I started my new job where I currently work. I love my job; probably because I get to use all the skills I’ve picked up along the way and feel as though I’m really helping people. There was one particular person on that first day, who was remarkably helpful and made me feel welcomed.

rosemaryOn March 23, 2009, I walked in through the front door at my new office and asked for Rosemary. Everyone knows her as “the women who runs the place”–which is often the case of the person in the position that directly supports the leader of the organization. I was greeted by a big, warm smile and, “we’ve been so excited for you to start today!” Right away I felt like I was an important part of the team and this would be a place I would stay for quite some time.

Rosemary brought me to her office, gave me all of the requisite orientation information, including a hefty schedule of meeting managers and directors. After a brief meeting with the big-guy (read CEO and my new boss) she delivered me to the Human Resources staff for further paperwork completion. The ladies in HR then showed me my new “office”. A small closet-like room with a desk, chair, bookshelf and file cabinet–and four light blue walls and a door. No windows, not even a nearby office with a window to seek out a bit of daylight. Hmmm.

bigclosetafter picAbout mid-day three staff showed up at my office door and asked, “Where’s our stuff?” What stuff I asked with look of absolute confusion on my face. One of the women replied, “Well, this was our storage closet when we were here last week.” My only response, since of course, I would have no idea where there things were, “This was a closet?!” Toward the end of the day it was time to regroup with Rosemary. When I told her about the visit I’d had from the staff looking for their supply closet, she laughed. It was supposed to be a secret; and of course now, it was worst kept secret of all time.

Rosemary has always been a person for me to count on for a word of encouragement and support over the last three years. When I was out recovering from thyroid cancer surgery, I got a card from her in the mail every week for the six weeks I was home. She is thoughtful and considerate, in addition to being quite good at her job. I try to remember to thank her in person as often as possible and today, thanks to the writing prompt about “firsts”, I get to thank her for helping me on the first day of my new job. Cheers, Rosemary!

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