Lights in the Night

I love twinkle lights, the little white ones that make everything feel a bit like Christmas.  The trouble is taking  pictures of them at night seldom feels the same as seeing them up close.  When I read the prompt for this week’s photo challenge I realized, I don’t take too many shots in the dark.

This first one is from a local family that puts on an amazing light show during the holidays.  The lights, millions of them in dozens of colors, run off a computer program.  It’s totally in sync with the music you can tune to on a FM radio station.  Cars line up early and wait their turn to move down in front of the house.  The family has a collection bin at the front gate for donations to a local charity.  I wonder every year we make our way down the street if the other 12 houses mind the attention.

picozzi 1

My second picture for the challenge is of my Christmas tree. We keep the lights on a timer and place the tree in the middle of the picture window.  When I drive home from work I make sure to come down the road so I can see the tree, it always make me smile!  I’m also just as happy to sit and enjoy it from my couch, which is where this picture was taken.  Enjoy!

Christmas tree 2012

Shots In The Dark

Back to Work on Monday

I love when I find something on in my news feed on Facebook that speaks to the thoughts running through my head.  I’m headed back to my workplace tomorrow after being out for a month.  I enjoy my work and am looking forward to returning and doing those parts of it that a I really love–helping people!


Sunday Night Blues, Monday Morning Motivation:

Izadora’s Birthday

Thanks to all our family and friends who helped us when the kids were here and since they’ve left!

3 Grandchildren, 2 Grandparents, 2 Cats

Even though the kids went back to Arizona two years ago, I find birthdays and holidays still difficult.  Their mom decided that she doesn’t want us to have contact with them.  I understand why, in her mind, it’s better for us to not be communicating with the kids, but of course I don’t agree.

wow look at all these legos!Until this past July I was able to send packages and cards to them, but the last one came back as undeliverable.  The reason from UPS was that they couldn’t find a forwarding address.  Clearly, their mom is making every effort to make sure we cannot reach the kids in any way at all. I know it sounds sad and, it is.  I imagine it is sad and confusing for the kids, too.

izzy as KatyToday is Izadora’s fourteenth birthday.  We miss her and love her very much, and find comfort that we have pictures and memories of her time with us. …

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Humanity of Children

My picture for this week’s photo challenge is of my grandchildren.  The first summer they were living with us they found a bird’s nest on the ground in our yard.  There was one baby that seemed viable and the kids wanted to take care of it.  Since Grandpa had cared for other birds and small critters, we had some “nursing” supplies at the ready.  I got this picture when they were carefully, and remarkably, working together to care for the featherless baby.

Saving a bird

Check out photos from bloggers across Word Press:

Wall of Hope

woh1One of the most stunning tributes in Rhode Island to the events of that day is the Wall of Hope.  Any Rhode Islander who wanted to add a tile to the wall had the chance to.  It started with groups of school children and quickly mushroomed to include all kinds of groups: social, faith-based, schools, businesses.

woh2On 9-11-01, I was the director of a spectacular group of AmeriCorps members.  Average citizens who were moved in some way to volunteer a year of their lives to serving their community.  Like many groups of people who worked together every day, the events of 9-11 brought us together differently.  Already committed to community service, this group of people was driven to go beyond daily expectations, their response to the call for participation in the Wall of Hope was amazing.  Of the 10,000+ Rhode Islanders who created tiles for the Wall, Kelly's Americorps1the AmeriCorps team I worked with engaged over 3,000 people in the process–which earns them today’s THANK YOU!

Woh3The beautiful tribute to the lives lost, reluctant heroes, and hope for the future, lines Providence’s River Walk and several city streets.  If you get to Rhode Island some day, it’s worth seeing!

Bloggers’ Tributes:

I Like My Spot Just Fine, Thank You

I’m catching up by posting my response to yesterday’s prompt (Next In Line), enjoy!

A second #RoyalBaby will soon be joining the Windsors in England. Given the choice, would you rather be heir to the throne, or the (probably) off-the-hook sibling?

Birth order is an interesting field of study, though perhaps more pop psychology than a science with mountains of empirical evidence.  I first heard about it when someone in my family brought the idea home from a psychology class; could have been Mom or my sister Sue.  The idea we heard was that birth order had an impact on things like development of your personality traits, social skills, etc.  Not only that, the traits might be similar in children in large families, once you get to the fourth child.  In other words if there were eight children, numbers 1, 4, and 7 may share similar traits, numbers 2, 5 and 8 the same thing, and in our case numbers 3 and 6 also share similarities.

What does birth order in the average family, like mine, have to do with being part of the royal family? Simply this:  like it or not, every person in a family has a role to play.  Among the many roles we play: the baby, the middle child, the funny one, the smart one, the brave one, the oldest, the babysitter…and, dare I say, the favorite.  As much as we may think our Mom has a favorite, she assures us all that’s not the case!  Some of the roles might change over time based on life circumstances; we’ve each had our fair share of challenges and successes.

While I’m not sure any of my siblings would agree, I wouldn’t want to switch my birth order with any one of them.   I am grateful that I’ve had the chance to be in the middle, it’s a unique and special view of everything that happens in our family.

Bloggers, Next In Line:

birth order
That’s my husband in the middle, but otherwise it’s in birth order. (L-R) 8-Dave, 7-Jen, 6-Nancy, 5-Me! 4-Judy, 3-Kevin, 2-Sue, 1-Bill

Because They’re Trying

A Thank You from my nephew to the school department! Please take a read, learn from it and enjoy it!

Pressure Support

The morning after the events of my last post Karin and I still didn’t know what was going with Liam’s first day of school and whether or not he would be afforded the orientation process that all the other incoming kindergartners were having. I had been hoping that after hearing the messages I had left the day before I would have recieved a call early in the morning but when I didn’t hear anything by 9am I knew that wouldn’t be the case. So Karin and I went to the school to park ourselves in front of the principal’s office until we could speak with her about our concerns. The school pre-k program social worker (poor thing) didn’t have any idea what she was in for when she walked by and waved hello.

“Can we talk somewhere, right now?” I asked.


Anyone who knows Karin and I knows that…

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