Lights in the Night

I love twinkle lights, the little white ones that make everything feel a bit like Christmas.  The trouble is taking  pictures of them at night seldom feels the same as seeing them up close.  When I read the prompt for this week’s photo challenge I realized, I don’t take too many shots in the dark.

This first one is from a local family that puts on an amazing light show during the holidays.  The lights, millions of them in dozens of colors, run off a computer program.  It’s totally in sync with the music you can tune to on a FM radio station.  Cars line up early and wait their turn to move down in front of the house.  The family has a collection bin at the front gate for donations to a local charity.  I wonder every year we make our way down the street if the other 12 houses mind the attention.

picozzi 1

My second picture for the challenge is of my Christmas tree. We keep the lights on a timer and place the tree in the middle of the picture window.  When I drive home from work I make sure to come down the road so I can see the tree, it always make me smile!  I’m also just as happy to sit and enjoy it from my couch, which is where this picture was taken.  Enjoy!

Christmas tree 2012

Shots In The Dark

4 thoughts on “Lights in the Night

  1. Christmas! Definitely the best time of the year for pretty sparkly twinkling lights at night. Great interpretation of the challenge (and I wonder why I didn’t think of Christmas trees or Christmas lights? Go figure!) 🙂


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