That Drives Me Crazy

What habit/act drives you crazy? How do you prevent it from happening?


Less of a habit, and hopefully, more a misunderstanding of the English language, it makes me crazy when people use words incorrectly or use the incorrect word. I’m not talking about people whose second language is English; it’s presumably well-read and smart people who simply mess it up.

Case in point, the word is regardless, NOT irregardless. Some will argue that irregardless is an actual word and will find all kinds of “proof” to make is so. However, as every good high school student knows, a double negative is unacceptable in the English language.

I’ve worked with a couple of people who use the word irregardless, regularly, in both speech and writing. I find it mind-boggling. Another one is oriented versus orientated. From the research I’ve conducted, both words are acceptable, the key differentiator is where you live in the world. Here in the United States we are oriented to our new workplace, not orientated.

When I hear either of these two samples of word confusion, in a feeble effort to try to correct, I restate the speaker’s comments word for word except, I’ll use the correct version and let it linger.   

Who do I thank for this slice of nutsy-potsy thinking? Jennifer and Chip, editors extraordinaire! Many grant reports, articles and applications would not have been successful had it not been for their keen eye and amazing grasp of the English language.

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