Just the Facts!

Which subject in school did you find impossible to master? Did math give you hives? Did English make you scream? Do tell!

factsMath, math, math, and shall I say, MATH.

It has never been my favorite at any level in my education. In elementary school we were drilled on the facts: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The secret to all things math could be found in the facts…or so I was lead to believe.

In high school I suffered through Algebra II, enjoyed Geometry, and took a semester of Trigonometry. I have no idea what possessed to take that class, my math requirement was completed and it was my senior year. I understood nothing of what was happening up on the blackboard or in the text-book. There were less than a dozen students in the class and it seemed only one of us actually had a clue–he did everyone’s homework.

College was another story. I had to take Probability and Statistics as part of the teacher prep program. I did this in my sophomore year because my first year was taken up with remedial math coursework. Another teacher in the front of the room, like in high school, was having a math party and the rest of us were the wall flowers. He was a perfectly lovely man and brilliant beyond imagination; and, he was generous in grading of our work. Years after I’d graduated I worked at the college. When I left to go onto another job, the professor came to my going away party. He gave me the copy of final exam from that course from six years earlier–it was a C+.

Math is a necessary evil in my world and I’ve gotten used to it. Today I’d like to thank that kid from high school who shared is homework with us and the college professor who generously shared his love of math!

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