Boss: Not Me

I never have really enjoyed being called someone’s boss; being introduced as “this is my boss” has always made me just a bit uncomfortable in the moment. I don’t think of myself as a boss. Frankly, most days, I think I can only effectively be the boss of myself, let alone anyone else. I will say this though about being a boss, you’re nothing without the people you work with every day.

There are people I’d give my right arm to work with again. I think about it when I wonder, if I were in charge of the world who would I want on my dream team? Immediately, hands-down: it’s Jennifer and Millie. I’m sure we were not the most well oiled machine when we first started working together, but in fairly short order we ran like clockwork. Jen and Millie made sure that every AmeriCorps member in our program had every opportunity to be successful, whether it was support for a service learning project, to get their timesheet filled out correctly, or to complete their exit paperwork to ensure members would get their education grant.

The attention to detail that each of them paid to all of the activities, and needs, and daily ins and outs of the work, ensured our success. They were incredibly adept at managing all of the administrivia, making it easier for those of us who didn’t enjoy it. I particularly remember when Millie taught me how to do mail merges for myself, so patient with me! I admired, and continue to admire, Millie’s sense of herself, her confidence and ability to overcome challenges in her life.

At the time we were working together I thought I was a pretty good writer. I could write for grant applications, reports for the state and federal grants offices, a letter; I didn’t find it difficult to get my point across in the written word. However, when Jennifer would act as my editor, I think my writing got better. No. I’m sure my writing was better. Like Millie, Jen showed a great deal of patience when she was teaching me something or reviewing her editing notes with me. I feel like the reason I don’t get too many grammar or style suggestions on this blog is thanks to Jen’s willingness to teach me.

Jennifer and Millie always looked for ways to make things better, easier, more streamlined. They consistently under-promised and over-delivered. I always knew they had my back, all the time, every day.

I worked with them for almost seven years and they were tremendous. Thank you Millie and Jen, for making my life a boss a walk in the park! I’d do it all again with the two of you.


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