It’s On Us

April is National Sexual Assault on Campus Month  2015.  I wouldn't have thought much of it except that while I was watching the Road to the Final Four, there were so many PSAs  played during timeouts it was hard to ignore (I know, that's the point of PSAs).  Also, as it happens at the beginning of that … Continue reading It’s On Us

7 Days to Go; Time to Revisit the Beginning

When I started to blog 358 days ago, I never imagined how much my writing would change, or how many people I will likely never meet read my blog, or just how much I've enjoyed blogging every day that I just might continue! I've decided that for the next seven days, as a way of counting down to … Continue reading 7 Days to Go; Time to Revisit the Beginning

I Was An Accounting Major for A Semester

Just one, that's it.  I did not like it one bit.    My first semester I was clear, at 18-years-old, that I wanted to be a teacher; that's why I went to college.  Somewhere in the middle of that first semester I thought maybe it would be good to try something else. Today though, I kind … Continue reading I Was An Accounting Major for A Semester

“Boys Will Be Boys” Follow-Up

I've experienced days, like most people, of deep, deep sadness or despair.  Grief, loss, loneliness, each powerful emotions that can cripple anyone from living a life of joy and happiness.  I don't know anyone who can work through trauma on their own and no one should ever have to, ever. On Thursday I blogged about … Continue reading “Boys Will Be Boys” Follow-Up

Boys Will Be Boys Is Unacceptable

More often than not, I'm happy to say where I went to college.  I had a great experience as an undergrad, involved in activities, being a student leader; oh, and going to classes that I enjoyed with terrific faculty.  Yesterday though, I heard about a classmate's daughter and the horrible incident that is forever a … Continue reading Boys Will Be Boys Is Unacceptable

The Hangover

Every Sunday or Monday morning I read on Facebook about many of my "friends" who are suffering from a hangover.  It really shouldn't surprise me all that much; although frankly, it gets me a little sad.  Now, I will be the first to admit to a dozen or so mornings when the drinking from the … Continue reading The Hangover

Before Rosetta Stone and Google Translate

If you could wake up tomorrow and be fluent in any language you don’t currently speak, which would it be? Why? What’s the first thing you do with your new linguistic skills? I would speak Spanish...again!  I took 3 years in high school (thank you Senora Smith and Dr. Garnett); and four in college (thank … Continue reading Before Rosetta Stone and Google Translate