I Was An Accounting Major for A Semester

Just one, that’s it.  I did not like it one bit.    My first semester I was clear, at 18-years-old, that I wanted to be a teacher; that’s why I went to college.  Somewhere in the middle of that first semester I thought maybe it would be good to try something else. Today though, I kind of wish I’d paid better attention and didn’t get so much “help” from a classmate!

In my new job I have to do a fair amount of math.  Normally, it’s not such a bad thing but there are times when I have to figure more difficult things and that’s when the accounting would come in handy.  Today I want to thank my classmate, Tammy, for helping me through that 15-week class, and, Dan my co-worker who supported my success today to figure it out!


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