I Had to Look This One Up!

I’ll admit that for the Weekly Photo Challenge I had to look up the word “ephemeral” and when I did found this:  “something short-lived, lasting but a moment”.  The first pictures that came to mind were the ones taken of me rather than by me.  These two are among some of my recent favorites and remind me that childhood is something that does pass in the blink of an eye!

Eleanor and Auntie Kelly
Eleanor and Auntie Kelly
A story with Lily and Auntie Kelly
A story with Lily and Auntie Kelly

Other Weekly Photo Challenges I Liked:

Liam the Ninja and his new Belt. 

Thank you goes out to all the home care nurses who dedicate themselves to families like my nephew Liam’s. Most especially to Walter!

Pressure Support

Editors note: Look I didn’t mean to take nearly 6 months off of regular blogging. It just kind of happened. But I’m back now. I mean it, but before I get to any of the cool new stuff I want to blog about I have to tell you this story first. Because it is an awesome story, and also because I should have posted it last October right when it happened. So let’s just move past the fact that I haven’t yet posted in 2015 mmmkay? thanks.

We almost didn’t make it to see Walter at all. (You’ve heard me talk about Walter in my speech here) The President was visiting Rhode Island for the first time in a generation that night, and with most of the exits off the highway between providence and the airport in Warwick manned by state troopers, and traffic at a near stand still for…

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Birthdays Are When I Miss Them Most

Im a princessToday is Coco’s birthday, she is 8!  I miss her, beyond my imagination some days.  We celebrated Coco’s fifth birthday when she was living with us; a dinner at Red Robin (Yum!), cupcakes at her preschool, and generally loving on her as much as we could.  I miss her brother and sister, too! I hope that they all have good memories of their time here and think about it often.  I’m grateful I had the chance to be their full-time Grandma for as long as they were here in Rhode Island.  Hopefully, some day very soon, their mom will let us know how they are doing, but for now I have the memories we created with them to fill my heart.

first day of school 2011Christmas kids 1Surrounded by bottom feedersat the zoo w cousins 2Coco eggIn grandma's shoesPlease say yes