Betty, Please!

Do you thrive under pressure or crumble at the thought of it? Does your best stuff surface as the deadline approaches or do you need to iterate, day after day to achieve something you’re proud of? Tell us how you work best.

Who enjoys being under pressure?  Really, those people who say the work better under pressure …they’re full of you-know-what!  Most times I think it’s more about a lack of planning and good dose of procrastination, that requires those folks to rush to get things done!  At this point in my career I’ve tried my best to plan my days and use my calendar to manage my work load.  Most days, it works.

There was a time that I did work well under pressure and really enjoyed it:  waiting tables.  I loved being a waitress.  It was the only job that I knew, in the moment, whether I’d done a good job.  Smiles on customers faces, customers who asked for their “favorite” waitress every week, the tip on the table when it was cleared for the next guests–that’s when I knew. 

Not everyone is cut out to wait tables.  You know who they are and you’ve not tipped them, I’m sure.  Last weekend my husband and I went to a place for dinner we’ve never been.  It’s in the next down over and is a really “joint”.  We knew it was a joint because when we walked through the front door the dozen or so people at the bar almost got whiplash when their heads spun toward us, and the place went quiet.

The atmosphere was early American biker bar meets 70’s lounge singer.  The food was not great; the chef in “training” failed to put the baked scrod under the broiler to crisp up the cracker topping, yuck.  But the waitress, she was terrific.  When she saw that I was not enjoying my meal she offered another beverage on the house.  When we didn’t want another drink, just a cup of coffee, she made us coffee with the manager’s stash in the back.  We found out from the manager, they don’t actually serve coffee–it was pretty funny.

She really went out of her way to make us feel comfortable, welcomed, and taken care of the entire time we sat at the high-top table by the windows.  She brought us the bill and told us we wouldn’t have to pay for any of our drinks; oh, and we already  had a coupon for a free entrée.  What we would have paid for the drinks and the fish became the waitress’ tip!

Today’s shout-out is for the all the waitresses, and waiters, who really do work well under pressure through difficult customers, bad tippers, the 86 list and explaining why you’re out of the day’s specials.  Thank you!!

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8 thoughts on “Betty, Please!

  1. This is a very eye opening post. I find the waitresses are always very pleasant they try hard to make us comfortable.They deserve to be tipped generously as their thoughtful gestures leave us overwhelmed and happy to be served by them.


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