Yes, Teachers Do Go Grocery Shopping

There’s work you and home you, café you and hospital you, friends you and strangers you. In this week’s writing challenge, tell us about a time when two or more of your “yous” ran into each other.

Teachers go grocery shopping?  Yes, they do.  It was fun as a kid to see a teacher  while we were grocery shopping with our mom.  It always seemed like I was in a time warp or something; you’re walking down an aisle, turn the corner, and bam–you’re staring up at the teacher you sat in front of all day.

shopping cartWhen I was a teacher I’d run into students and their parents pretty often.  Miss W, Miss W  what are you doing in the store?  We shop here!  It always made me laugh, especially the next day when word got around the classroom that someone had seen me in the store.  It didn’t take much to keep fourth grades entertained back then.

For all the teachers, and teacher-types; thank you for taking a few minutes to chat with the excited, giggling students who are always so shocked that you actually have a life outside of the 6 hours you spend with them every day!

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8 thoughts on “Yes, Teachers Do Go Grocery Shopping

  1. “Miss W, Miss W what are you doing in the store?”

    I remember a few times running into a teacher at the library, or city event. It felt like I was running into a celebrity! Thanks for sharing my story; have a wonderful weekend! 🙂


  2. I remember getting the same shock when I saw my German teacher shopping. Then I felt sorry for her because I realised she wasn’t able to do her shopping through the week like my mother could. I thought she must have such a hectic life.


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