The Post That Started It ALL!

I originally posted this as the first entry of my year-long crusade to thank someone every day.  Tomorrow will be my last post, and I'm still working on it!  Please enjoy this one today; I can hardly believe how quickly this year has gone by! ************************************************* The idea for this blog has rumbled in my … Continue reading The Post That Started It ALL!

When Your Kids Go Back to School, Thank a Teacher

School starts soon, I know this not only because of the date, but because everything is about the back to school sales--regardless of the type of store (remember this commercial from Staples?).  The second post of my blog was to thank some of my favorite teachers.  If you haven't' thanked a teacher, either your own … Continue reading When Your Kids Go Back to School, Thank a Teacher

Yes, Teachers Do Go Grocery Shopping

There’s work you and home you, café you and hospital you, friends you and strangers you. In this week’s writing challenge, tell us about a time when two or more of your “yous” ran into each other. Teachers go grocery shopping?  Yes, they do.  It was fun as a kid to see a teacher  while … Continue reading Yes, Teachers Do Go Grocery Shopping

YouTube vs. VHS

Lots of people use YouTube videos in presentation, teachers, motivational speakers, CEO's. It's a quick, and now very easy way to illustrate, in this very visual world, a point of view or an example of what not to do. But before there was YouTube, there was VHS. Remember those rectangle boxes with shiny cardboard covers, … Continue reading YouTube vs. VHS

All My Favorite Teachers

Yesterday I highlighted just one of my favorite teachers.  But of course there are many teachers to thank.  I'll thank two more today and give you a little reason why for each one. Miss Feole, 4th grade. She made learning fun; she seemed as excited as we were about being in that classroom.  She only recently … Continue reading All My Favorite Teachers