The Post That Started It ALL!

I originally posted this as the first entry of my year-long crusade to thank someone every day.  Tomorrow will be my last post, and I'm still working on it!  Please enjoy this one today; I can hardly believe how quickly this year has gone by! ************************************************* The idea for this blog has rumbled in my … Continue reading The Post That Started It ALL!

The Charming Gardeners

This captures how I'm feeling today. Hope you go out and thank someone today!  

What a Wednesday!

Tough day today; I needed a reminder about being grateful.  This was so helpful to see when I got home tonight.

The Way You Make Me Feel

To all the people in my life who have made me feel appreciated, valued, and most of all loved, Thank You!

I Used Too Many Words Today

...leaving me with few to use for a complete blog post.  Here is my thanks for today:  

It’s This Simple: Ice Cream

What’s your biggest junk food weakness? Tell us all about it in its sugary, salty, glory.   Simply put, ICE CREAM.  My all time favorite junk food weakness is ice cream.  There is no rhyme or reason as to why, it just is.  I will not bore you with stories of favorite ice cream joints, … Continue reading It’s This Simple: Ice Cream

Halfway Home, Almost

I'm close to the halfway mark of my 365 daily Thank You's.  When I started back in August, I had no idea that writing on a daily basis would be as challenging as it's been.  Initially, it was easy to think of the thank you's, I'd generated a list to help me.  Some of the … Continue reading Halfway Home, Almost

If You Missed National Thank You Day…

National Thank You Day, depending on what you believe when you Google it, was either September 12th or 27th. Since I missed the day regardless, I'm proposing that today, October 10th, is Thank You Day! So, I think that anyone who reads my blog, or post on Facebook, should take a minute and thank someone. … Continue reading If You Missed National Thank You Day…