If You Missed National Thank You Day…

ty3National Thank You Day, depending on what you believe when you Google it, was either September 12th or 27th. Since I missed the day regardless, I’m proposing that today, October 10th, is Thank You Day!thank-you1

So, I think that anyone who reads my blog, or post on Facebook, should take a minute and thank someone. That’s my post for today…go thank someone–anyone; a friend, teacher, family member, the person who let you get in line in front of them at the grocery store, the kid who delivers your newspaper…anyone you can think of would probably appreciate a note of gratitude.

If you’d like to do it publicly, feel free to leave a comment here or go to the 365 Days of Thank You Facebook page, and post your thank you note there. It’ll make you feel good and will definitely make someone’s day!

Cheers, and thank YOU for reading my blog!thank-you-wallpaper2

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