Monday Morning Quarterbacking

snow day 1…Not the kind most of the world is thinking about today after the most watched (ever), most exciting (ever) and most surprising (ever), Super Bowl; but the kind that happens when there is a snowstorm.  To cancel school or not or to close down a business for the day an incredibly difficult decision for the leaders who make them.  Balancing the need to keep people safe with the expected loss of revenue, or even worse–extending the school year by days into the summer vacation.

Snow day 2Although today’s writing prompt allows for 300 words, I don’t need that many to say what needs to be said.  Today I am grateful for three things:  The Patriots Super Bowl win, a snow day that extended my weekend, and the people who make the decisions to have  a snow day!

 Here are Some Blogs that Caught My Eye Today:

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