Monday Morning Quarterbacking

...Not the kind most of the world is thinking about today after the most watched (ever), most exciting (ever) and most surprising (ever), Super Bowl; but the kind that happens when there is a snowstorm.  To cancel school or not or to close down a business for the day an incredibly difficult decision for the … Continue reading Monday Morning Quarterbacking

Everybody Loves Raymond

I'm one of a few people I know who actually doesn't mind the snow.  Maybe it's the 10 years of living in northern New England that's helped; you put your boots on in October and take them off in May--you get used to it. Like most 9 to 5'ers today, I was outside pushing and pulling … Continue reading Everybody Loves Raymond

A Hot Cup of Liquid Love (The Chocolate Kind) and Good Book!

It's c..c...c..c...cold outside, I'm f...f...f...freezing! Days like the one we're having here in Rhode Island, were the norm for me when I was living in Vermont and New Hampshire. The wind whips though you as if all you're wearing is summer cotton dress, even though you're bundled up like the little brother in the popular holiday … Continue reading A Hot Cup of Liquid Love (The Chocolate Kind) and Good Book!