A Hot Cup of Liquid Love (The Chocolate Kind) and Good Book!

randyIt’s c..c…c..c…cold outside, I’m f…f…f…freezing! Days like the one we’re having here in Rhode Island, were the norm for me when I was living in Vermont and New Hampshire. The wind whips though you as if all you’re wearing is summer cotton dress, even though you’re bundled up like the little brother in the popular holiday movie, A Christmas Story (remember he looked like a “bloated tick”.) In any event, it’s cold here!

I especially enjoyed living in Vermont, the snow makes everything quiet and clean. You know, you can even smell the snow before it starts to fall. It’s just something in the air and there really is no way to describe the smell–even Yankee Candle hasn’t been able to reproduce it in a candle. The other thing about snow, I’m probably one of very few people I know who likes driving in it. I find it comforting actually, since most of the time people have to slow down and be more cautious.

martha bookThe result of this storm will, in all likelihood, be a snow day tomorrow. The boss all but called it earlier today but we’ll have a conference call tonight to make the decision. What I’m looking forward to most, making a great cup of hot cocoa and curling up on my bed to finish my book (Bits of Broken Glass by Martha Reynolds).

Today’s thank you has to go out to the authors who’ve kept me warm and cozy through every snowstorm, snow day, ice storm, loss of power, and generally any cold winter night, particularly when I was single! (You can find the list of my favs on another post, here!)


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3 thoughts on “A Hot Cup of Liquid Love (The Chocolate Kind) and Good Book!

  1. “Getting ready to go to school was like getting ready for extended deep-sea diving.” I LOVE that scene from A Christmas Story! I’m in CT not too far a way and boy is it bitter out there. Stay warm!


  2. Thank you, Kelly! I hope you enjoy it – while this book hasn’t been as popular as The Chocolate Trilogy, I’ve always rooted for the underdog, so I have a special place in my heart for BOBG. xxx


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