Can’t Get it Out of My Head: A DP Writing Prompt

Have you ever become obsessed with something? Tell us about something that captivates your attention like nothing else. I'm not sure I'd call it obsession, but I definitely go through phases of intense interest. The thing I wish I could be obsessed with is exercise, but that's not likely. Usually, it's with books and authors … Continue reading Can’t Get it Out of My Head: A DP Writing Prompt

A Hot Cup of Liquid Love (The Chocolate Kind) and Good Book!

It's c..c...c..c...cold outside, I'm f...f...f...freezing! Days like the one we're having here in Rhode Island, were the norm for me when I was living in Vermont and New Hampshire. The wind whips though you as if all you're wearing is summer cotton dress, even though you're bundled up like the little brother in the popular holiday … Continue reading A Hot Cup of Liquid Love (The Chocolate Kind) and Good Book!

There’s Nothing As Good, As A Good Book

The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel must be intolerably stupid. — Jane Austen Lately, as I look for potential ideas to focus my daily thank you on, I find myself going to the Chasing Happy Blog.  This month her focus has been to share something that … Continue reading There’s Nothing As Good, As A Good Book

Tales of a 4th Grade…Something (part 2)

A while back I wrote about my year teaching fourth grade.  It was a long time ago, almost 26 years.  I'll always think of the kids from that class as 9 and 10 year olds.  But of course if it's been 26 years, so the kids are all grown up.  Imagine my surprise last night when … Continue reading Tales of a 4th Grade…Something (part 2)

Vacation All I Ever Wanted…

As of 6:00 pm today I am on vacation.  I'm not going anywhere special and I don't intend to do anything outrageously spectacular.  It is simply that, for the next 9 days I don't have to do anything I don't want to do, in particular go to work.  I can sleep late, read the 4 … Continue reading Vacation All I Ever Wanted…

Good Morning, Captain!

Today I went to the annual Investing In Our Children Luncheon for Children's Friend. It's the organization I work for and this was the 11th annual event. Before the luncheon begins there is a silent auction set up outside the Convention Center's main ballroom. There are long tables with donated items attractively packaged with bidding … Continue reading Good Morning, Captain!

There’s Nothing Like the Library

I loved to read when I was a kid and that hasn't diminished too much into my adulthood. I haven't jumped on the e-reader bandwagon just yet though I know so many people really enjoy using them. I downloaded the Kindle Reader to my laptop only so I could download and read my friend Martha's … Continue reading There’s Nothing Like the Library