One: Weekly Photo Challenge

We haven't even celebrated the Christmas holiday and I am already thinking about a New Year's resolution.  The prompt for the Weekly Photo Challenge has got me thinking about the ONE...piece of exercise equipment that will not be ignored!  Although it has been sitting in the corner of the living room for several weeks, just … Continue reading One: Weekly Photo Challenge

A Neighborhood Diaper Drive

I was perusing my photos today, looking for one something in particular, but instead I came across these. I thought they might make a nice addition to this week's Photo Challenge:  Community.  Last year, my husband and I wanted to do something for the Holiday Drive at Children's Friend (in Providence), but we weren't in a … Continue reading A Neighborhood Diaper Drive

Weight Watchers Can be Fun!

I've battled my weight for years, or more to the point, it's battled with me.  I've lost, gained, lost, gained, lost, gained, hundreds of pounds.  I know that I'm not unlike thousands of women in the world. I've tried everything, again like most people, who've played the weight loss roulette. I have to admit though … Continue reading Weight Watchers Can be Fun!

Hand-Me-Downs, Rock!

Today I spent time, finally, making the complete switch in the closet from summer/fall clothes to winter.  It's a less than enjoyable process for me, frankly.  I am forced to look at things I've outgrown (and not necessarily in a good way) as I try to live by the rule "If I haven't worn it in … Continue reading Hand-Me-Downs, Rock!

Lost and Found, With A Little Help from St. Anthony and A Co-Worker

Have you ever lost something--out of the blue, you know you had it one moment and then several minutes, or hours, later you realize it's not where it was supposed to be?  The feeling of panic of having to tell the person who gave you the beautiful gift, that you now fear it has gone … Continue reading Lost and Found, With A Little Help from St. Anthony and A Co-Worker

Roommates: The Good, the Bad, the One Who Eats [Raw] Potatoes Like They’re Apples

My niece messaged today that she's moving, again. She's in her twenties so moving seems like the normal course of events to me. From the time I graduated college until I turned thirty (about 6 years) I had 8 different addresses; and from thirty to forty it was another six moves. My friend Lynne finally … Continue reading Roommates: The Good, the Bad, the One Who Eats [Raw] Potatoes Like They’re Apples

There’s Nothing Like the Library

I loved to read when I was a kid and that hasn't diminished too much into my adulthood. I haven't jumped on the e-reader bandwagon just yet though I know so many people really enjoy using them. I downloaded the Kindle Reader to my laptop only so I could download and read my friend Martha's … Continue reading There’s Nothing Like the Library

Chip: He’s One of the Good Ones!

My mom raised some pretty independent kids. We have all had success in our various professions and we've all had our share of challenges and heart breaks. We know how to be kind, caring, supportive, and hard-working. One of the things that I didn't necessarily learn as part of this independence was how to ask … Continue reading Chip: He’s One of the Good Ones!