What’s The Perfect Game?

I was never much of a fan for playing tennis.  I didn't like chasing the balls so far if they were hit over the fence at the Y.  I wanted the exercise but didn't want to waste time in between serves to retrieve one of the three balls that came in the can we'd bring … Continue reading What’s The Perfect Game?

Giving Without Expectation

Last week, on his birthday, I shared a thank you to my brother-in-law, Paul.  I have more than a few brothers-in-law and each is special; not only because they love my sisters!  My brother-in-law, Jon, also celebrated his birthday this month.  He and my sister have been together since college!  It rained like crazy on their … Continue reading Giving Without Expectation

Cat Lady…Not!

I don't think that anyone's ever accused me of being a "cat person". I've never been one for pets other than the occasional goldfish or turtle. I've had plenty friends with pets and that's just fine for them. As a cat sitter or dog sitter I've done okay; those were someone else's pets and I … Continue reading Cat Lady…Not!

Chip: He’s One of the Good Ones!

My mom raised some pretty independent kids. We have all had success in our various professions and we've all had our share of challenges and heart breaks. We know how to be kind, caring, supportive, and hard-working. One of the things that I didn't necessarily learn as part of this independence was how to ask … Continue reading Chip: He’s One of the Good Ones!