Cat Lady…Not!

I don’t think that anyone’s ever accused me of being a “cat person”. I’ve never been one for pets other than the occasional goldfish or turtle. I’ve had plenty friends with pets and that’s just fine for them. As a cat sitter or dog sitter I’ve done okay; those were someone else’s pets and I got to go home to a dust-free, hair-free environment. And so it was until 4 years ago…it went something like this:

(phone rings)
Kelly:    Hi, hon, how’s the fishing going?

Steve:   Great, and guess what, I found a cat.

Kelly:    What are you going to do with it?

Steve:   Well, she’s really sweet and she came right up to me and then I went to the corner store and got some food, and  she’s really sweet.

Kelly:    What are you going to do with it?

Steve:    I thought I’d bring her home and then you can decide. Besides it’s Sunday and no shelters are open today. And did I tell you, she’s really sweet?

Kelly:    Fine, bring it home, but, I will not clean up after it–no cat box or anything else.

Missy came home with Steve that day and about 12 weeks later had a litter of 3 kittens. Two of them went to a very good home and we kept one “so Missy wouldn’t be lonely”. Steve loves the cats and they make him happy. Who am I to deny a little happiness to my husband?!Missy asleep

I still wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a cat person, although I have posted pictures of said critters on Facebook. I do NOT do cat box duty and most assuredly do not clean up cat puke! I have however, come to understand the benefits of having our two cats in our home. The unconditional love we get from them, the way it makes you feel better just by touching their soft fur, or having them sit on your lap while watching television or napping–benefits that have scientific proof to them.

Bubba through the looking glassToday the thank you goes out to our cats Missy and Bubba, and to Steve for catching a cat instead of a fish and bringing Missy home.

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