Sweet Sixteen: A Daily Writing Prompt

I don't think I was quite like other 16-year olds.  I didn't want a sweet sixteen party, that wasn't the tradition in our family.  I wanted a rocking chair.  Yes, a sixteen year old girl wanted a rocking chair; by that time I was already and Auntie and taking care of little ones and a … Continue reading Sweet Sixteen: A Daily Writing Prompt

It Can Happen In Church, Too!

Historically, today, All Saints Day, is a holy day of obligation in the church. As a kid I could recite each of these days of mandatory attendance at mass, because they were emblazoned on our brains through constant repetition as we memorized our Baltimore Catechism. I looked them up just now on Google, and sure … Continue reading It Can Happen In Church, Too!

Best Advice, Ever!

The site that hosts my blog, WordPress.com, has this terrific tool for bloggers called the Weekly Writing Challenge. Today's challenge, in essence, what's the best or worst advice you've ever gotten? A perfect writing prompt for today's thank you. When my husband and I had guardianship of our three grandchildren there was so much to … Continue reading Best Advice, Ever!