All It’s Cracked Up to Be, Exactly As I Expected

Tonight, Steve and I started classes at DCYF to become foster parents for (and perhaps adopt) a child in "state care".  We've toyed with the idea of foster care or adoption for a while.  In Rhode Island there are a couple thousand kids at any time in need of more than a place, they're in … Continue reading All It’s Cracked Up to Be, Exactly As I Expected

It’s Not Hump Day, But

It may not be Wednesday, but this is a Hump Day story anyway.  Let's get today's thank you addressed in the first paragraph.  Elizabeth. She's a lovely young lady that works with me.  Every Wednesday when I come into the lobby and say good morning to her, Elizabeth greets me with a huge smile and … Continue reading It’s Not Hump Day, But

We’re Here to Pump You Up Have you had people in your life who just know how to make you feel good about yourself?  Is there anyone who's surprised you with a compliment, or noticed something good about you and shared their observation with you?  Do you have an ego booster in your world?  Who pumps you up? Today,  I … Continue reading We’re Here to Pump You Up

Best Advice, Ever!

The site that hosts my blog,, has this terrific tool for bloggers called the Weekly Writing Challenge. Today's challenge, in essence, what's the best or worst advice you've ever gotten? A perfect writing prompt for today's thank you. When my husband and I had guardianship of our three grandchildren there was so much to … Continue reading Best Advice, Ever!