It’s Not Hump Day, But

from ElizabethIt may not be Wednesday, but this is a Hump Day story anyway.  Let’s get today’s thank you addressed in the first paragraph.  Elizabeth. She’s a lovely young lady that works with me.  Every Wednesday when I come into the lobby and say good morning to her, Elizabeth greets me with a huge smile and as loud as she pleases, she says, “Kelly, what day is it?”  I quickly reply, “What day IS it, Elizabeth?”

By now you all know what the answer is and have likely seen the popular Geico commercial (if you haven’t, I’ve pasted it below).  Yesterday, I didn’t get to see Elizabeth; I was at an all-day workshop with the other members of the leadership team from my organization.  At the lunch break I took a look at my email and found a message from the one and only, Elizabeth.  It was a picture of the Hump Day camel, and it made me giggle.  I had to show everyone at the table and we all got a good laugh.

The men and women who greet us every day as we enter our workplaces; or as we go into a doctor’s or dentist’s office for an appointment, or into the library, the local YMCA…everywhere, deserve our thanks.  We probably all know an Elizabeth, thank her; I did!

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