Pinterest Junkie

pinI like doing crafts.  I also like Pinterest!  Frankly, I love Pinterest.  My friend Lynne turned me onto it and for a while I was a bit addicted.  I’m amazed at what I can find among the millions of pins that pinners share every day!  Food, fun, fitness…and crafts…lots of crafts. 

Two of my pin boards are covered with projects I intend to try, some day; but I came across one this summer that looked like a kind of no-brainer.  I didn’t need any special skill or talent to be able to make something pretty terrific.  All I needed was a bunch of craft beads and a really hot oven.

Melting beads, it couldn’t be easier and the only downside I’ve experienced is the smell as the beads are melting.  The kitchen gets a little stinky, but the final product is worth it.  I experimented at first with melting beads in non-stick baking pans.  A 10-inch tart pan, because it had a nice scalloped edge, worked the best.  We’ve hung them up in the kitchen windows and they look pretty when the sun shines through them.

beadsAs I was exploring other options for cool forms to melt some beads, I found a couple of silicone ice-cube trays that were in the shape of stars and peace signs.  I figured it would be easier than using a metal pan and I was right!  The forms are SO much easier to use.  The beads melt beautifully and come out with a nice, glossy, smooth finish.

The silicone shape success led me to an idea for my great-nephew Liam.  To our family, and much of the rest of world, he is known as Liam the Lion. Liam was born premature and while he’s had more than his fair share of struggles, he’s also experienced huge successes.  In fact, the day after Christmas he turned 5 years old!  The celebration of his birthday is this coming Saturday and I get to make some party favors.

 LTLF favor 1Can you say bead melting project?  I know you can!  Take a look at what I’ve come up with; I didn’t want to go the usual route of ribbons or a bracelet.  I found a silicone mold of a paw print, I was so excited.  I hope for Liam and his parents that these catch on and become a fundraiser of sorts.  Stay tuned!

Today’s thank you goes out to Pinterest, and the many happy pinners who share the most clever ideas, EVER!

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