Flower Frame

The Weekly Photo Challenge "Frame", brings me once again out to our garden.  This year Steve was able to grow HUGE sunflowers.  He did everything in the garden from seed this year, and as you can tell this bee [framed by the beautiful petals and seeds of the sunflower] is having a grand time of … Continue reading Flower Frame

On the Block – Photo Challenge Catch Up

As I was looking through some pictures I've taken this spring, this one of a lonely forsythia popped off the screen.  It's on the block I walk to get from my office to our childcare center across the way.  I've been waiting to see what would flower first in this yard tucked behind the green shoulder-high … Continue reading On the Block – Photo Challenge Catch Up

Happy Trees

Due to my long day at work, this is what I didn't get to see in the sunlight today (I took this picture over the weekend). It's the single most beautiful tree our neighborhood; at least it is to me.  For the past six springs I've looked forward to seeing it in full color, like it is … Continue reading Happy Trees

Mow Guy, Blow Guy, Snow Guy

When my nephew Michael and niece Laura were very little kids they lived with their parents in a condo complex. It was a nice area of Connecticut and just right for them at the time. Typically, complexes like this one care for the property and grounds by using condo fees to hire contractors to come … Continue reading Mow Guy, Blow Guy, Snow Guy

Hi, Neighbor, Can I Borrow Your Rototiller?

We've lived in our neighborhood for four years. There was no welcome wagon, no neighbor showing up to say hello with a pie. We did however meet one neighbor the day we moved in, but only because our toilet got backed up and we needed a plunger. That neighbor moved away the next weekend, before … Continue reading Hi, Neighbor, Can I Borrow Your Rototiller?