Twisted Grapes

Today's photo challenge:  Twist These grapes are growing, crawling and twisting up the side of the garage; protected from critters thanks to the fences protecting the rest of the garden.  Today's thank you is to my husband for his green thumb and patience when it comes to growing beautiful things.  Can't wait to make jelly in … Continue reading Twisted Grapes

On the Block – Photo Challenge Catch Up

As I was looking through some pictures I've taken this spring, this one of a lonely forsythia popped off the screen.  It's on the block I walk to get from my office to our childcare center across the way.  I've been waiting to see what would flower first in this yard tucked behind the green shoulder-high … Continue reading On the Block – Photo Challenge Catch Up

Color Parade

During the Week of the Young Child a few weeks ago the children at our nearby Head Start Center put on their own parade; a Color Parade! Over the PA system in our offices the word went out that we should get up from our stuffy desks and greet these little treasures and cheer them … Continue reading Color Parade

Spring in Winter

I took this week's contribution to the Weekly Photo Challenge at the 21st Annual RI Flower and Garden Show on February 23rd. Spring was just a hope that day, now it's here in full swing!

On Top: Weekly Photo Challenge

After a long day of fun together, the kids put their Gary Eyes ON TOP of their heads! That was a good day two years ago. I miss them all the time!

Daily Prompt: Simply Irresistible

Anything ice cream, but when it sits on top of chocolate bread pudding, well...

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

I was just minding my own business.

It’s Coming…I Can’t Believe It!

My 100th Consecutive Post will be here on Friday!! I'm already thinking about it. Three more to do before I can post Friday, but be on the lookout!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

Bubba is in the habit of hanging out in the bathroom while I dry my hair every day! Related articles Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit (