Everybody Loves Raymond

I'm one of a few people I know who actually doesn't mind the snow.  Maybe it's the 10 years of living in northern New England that's helped; you put your boots on in October and take them off in May--you get used to it. Like most 9 to 5'ers today, I was outside pushing and pulling … Continue reading Everybody Loves Raymond


Home foreclosure is always a sad thing.  I found out last week that a neighbor of ours will have their house foreclosed on in the next couple of weeks.  I remember when we first moved into our house four years ago, there was a for sale sign on the lawn across the street.  There seemed … Continue reading Snow…Blows

Mow Guy, Blow Guy, Snow Guy

When my nephew Michael and niece Laura were very little kids they lived with their parents in a condo complex. It was a nice area of Connecticut and just right for them at the time. Typically, complexes like this one care for the property and grounds by using condo fees to hire contractors to come … Continue reading Mow Guy, Blow Guy, Snow Guy