Snow Blows, And Blows, And Blows

I had already started to write my post earlier today, but I have to change directions.  As everyone who doesn't live under a rock knows, there's been a snowstorm in these here parts today.  Also today, very few of you would know, that my husband is sick in bed.  Do you know what that might … Continue reading Snow Blows, And Blows, And Blows

Where the Sidewalk Ends

I came across this Shel Silverstein poem that someone posted the other day. It reminded me of when I did my student teaching during my senior year of college; Where The Sidewalk Ends was a popular book among the third graders in my class.  You might be familiar with one of his other very popular books, The Giving … Continue reading Where the Sidewalk Ends


Home foreclosure is always a sad thing.  I found out last week that a neighbor of ours will have their house foreclosed on in the next couple of weeks.  I remember when we first moved into our house four years ago, there was a for sale sign on the lawn across the street.  There seemed … Continue reading Snow…Blows

If You Can’t Stand the Heat

I moved from Barre, Vermont to Providence in April of 1998 after living in northern New England for about 9 years. I enjoy the cooler and cold weather, I admit that freely, much to the dismay of many of the people in my world. I enjoy winter coats, sweaters, mittens and snow boots. I love the … Continue reading If You Can’t Stand the Heat