Snow Blows, And Blows, And Blows

20140205_064733I had already started to write my post earlier today, but I have to change directions.  As everyone who doesn’t live under a rock knows, there’s been a snowstorm in these here parts today.  Also today, very few of you would know, that my husband is sick in bed.  Do you know what that might mean?  Are you getting a picture in your head…Kelly starting up the snow blower…making her way up and down the driveway…one pass, two, three…nine passes up and down the driveway.

On the ninth trip, with the chute of the snow blower facing the street, the machine stopped.   One hundred and fifty pounds of metal in the middle of the driveway.  I was able to maneuver the heavy, wet, snow-covered contraption back into the garage and found the shovel to finish the chore.

Because of the weather pattern, it was going to take more than one trip outside to get the space cleared so I can get to work tomorrow morning.  The first trip out it was just snow, a bit wet and heavy, but perfectly manageable.  The second trip, entirely different; almost two inches of sleet was carpeting the empty driveway.   The generally warm air did not make the job of lifting the heavy the sleet toward the existing snow banks.  Suffice it to say I got my aerobic and strength training in one workout.

Part of the job I wasn’t able to do:  the end of the driveway where it meets the street.  You know, the part the plow so graciously leaves in its wake.  I had NO idea how I was going to get over the mountain of ice and snow in the morning. 

plowI just took a look out the window to once again assess my situation, and I noticed that there was no bank of snow and sleet at the end of the driveway.  It had clearly been pushed to the side by a plow, leaving clear sailing to the street for my morning commute.   I am elated, to say the least.  My sense is that our new neighbor who moved in before the holidays did it.

Shaun works for a local landscaping company.  By the looks of his heavy-duty pickup truck with the plow neatly affixed to the front sitting in his driveway, my husband and I are certain he’s the reason for the surprise when I looked out the window.  So today, on this crazy weather day, thanks goes to Shaun.  What a great neighbor!!

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