Just the Facts!

Which subject in school did you find impossible to master? Did math give you hives? Did English make you scream? Do tell! Math, math, math, and shall I say, MATH. It has never been my favorite at any level in my education. In elementary school we were drilled on the facts: addition, subtraction, multiplication and … Continue reading Just the Facts!

Halloween Dance 1979

Perhaps not the earliest memory of dancing, but certainly one of the most memorable was the Halloween Dance in 1979.  The music was K.C. and the Sunshine Band, Michael Jackson, Blondie, Christopher Cross, Dr. Hook, and I was there with my sisters, Judy and Nancy.  I think I was dressed in a skirt, my saddle … Continue reading Halloween Dance 1979

We Got the Beat!

Today's writing challenge:  Have you ever played in a band? Tell us all about that experience of making music with friends. Technically,  I've never "played" in a band, unless you count the voice as an instrument; in which case we can count singing with the jazz band in high school.  I was part of a … Continue reading We Got the Beat!

Before Rosetta Stone and Google Translate

If you could wake up tomorrow and be fluent in any language you don’t currently speak, which would it be? Why? What’s the first thing you do with your new linguistic skills? I would speak Spanish...again!  I took 3 years in high school (thank you Senora Smith and Dr. Garnett); and four in college (thank … Continue reading Before Rosetta Stone and Google Translate

11th Grade Homeroom

I love it when I see on Facebook pictures posted from high school days.  I must admit the only pictures I have are in my yearbook from senior year, which is sitting in a milk crate in my basement.  The wonder of Facebook certainly is the unexpected, and fun, finds that pop up almost daily. … Continue reading 11th Grade Homeroom