Everybody Loves Raymond

I'm one of a few people I know who actually doesn't mind the snow.  Maybe it's the 10 years of living in northern New England that's helped; you put your boots on in October and take them off in May--you get used to it. Like most 9 to 5'ers today, I was outside pushing and pulling … Continue reading Everybody Loves Raymond

Three’s Company

The cold (okay, bitter cold) we've been enjoying of late, reminds me of the year's I lived in northern New England; and some days I actually miss it! I may have mentioned before that I lived in New Hampshire for a few years. While I was there I spent about a year living with my … Continue reading Three’s Company

Stone Cold: Moving Day

I've moved, a LOT; just ask my friend Lynne who told me once to "Stop moving. I've erased your addressed so many times, I've worn a hole in the address book."  All those moves happened pretty much when was in my twenties and thirties.  By the time I'd hit forty, I was in one place … Continue reading Stone Cold: Moving Day

If You Can’t Stand the Heat

I moved from Barre, Vermont to Providence in April of 1998 after living in northern New England for about 9 years. I enjoy the cooler and cold weather, I admit that freely, much to the dismay of many of the people in my world. I enjoy winter coats, sweaters, mittens and snow boots. I love the … Continue reading If You Can’t Stand the Heat

Dave Dutra & High School Friends

As I mentioned yesterday, I've known my friend Lynne since I was five and we've been friends ever since, without Facebook to keep us connected--although it is a handy tool these days. In the years I've been using this popular site to catch up with family and friends, I've certainly reconnected with kids I knew … Continue reading Dave Dutra & High School Friends