Gone (Cat) Fishing

In the spring of 2009 I sent my husband out of the house…”Go fishing! Please! I need some alone time in the house.” He is always happy to go fishing. That day it seemed like it was going to be a particularly good day for it, overcast and cool weather would surely provide for a good day of fishing! Well, I’ve blogged about this before, my husband went fishing and came home with a cat!

15025126_10211255724855722_1043050920803926867_oNot just a cat, a pregnant cat. So the cat had kittens. We gave two away and kept one along with the momma cat. I’ve said I’m not a cat person. Of course, no one believes me anymore, especially given all of my postings to Instagram — completely negates my protestations.

I will admit that the warm, purring, softness of our cats has changed my mind a bit. Our cats actually have provided me with a certain amount of comfort since they showed up. They seem to know when to tolerate a little extra holding by their humans and how it helps us.

It’s no surprise that recent events (THE election) have put a serious amount of emotional stress on many people. Seeking the comfort of friends, family, or like-minded strangers, makes sense as a way to work through both the joys and sadness, depending on your side of fence. So how about some pet therapy!


For many of my Facebook friends, as well as myself, it’s been helpful to post and look at pictures of our pets. We know that pet therapy works for other traumatic events in life, why not this, too? Research shows that even looking at pictures of pets can help to decrease stress!

If you don’t have a pet, send your husband fishing…he could come home with cat! (Or, you can come over to my house and hang out with our furry ones for while…you’ll definitely feel better!)

Thanks to all those who believed that I would one day become a cat lady! (Judi, Bill, Steve, Liz)

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Finally, The Sun

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Warmth.”

It has been a very long month of rainy, raw days this December.  The sun could not feel better!  Our cat, Missy, loves sleeping on this chest next to the window and the heater.  She won’t even let the laundry basket get in her way!

warm kitty

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Cat Inside the Basket (Weekly Photo Challenge)

bubba in basket

Most cats enjoy finding out-of-the-way places to tuck in and nap, especially in the sunshine!  Our cat Bubba is no exception.  One Saturday afternoon I found him in the magazine basket he’d knocked over in the bathroom–a favorite place for him especially on warm days.  Enjoy!

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Three’s Company

The cold (okay, bitter cold) we’ve been enjoying of late, reminds me of the year’s I lived in northern New England; and some days I actually miss it!

Bill and Judi

I may have mentioned before that I lived in New Hampshire for a few years. While I was there I spent about a year living with my brother Bill and sister-in-law Judi; oh, and two cats–Freep and Mouse. I was unemployed then and was able to cobble together some temporary jobs to make some money.  Student loans, car payments, rent, something had to give; and thanks to Bill and Judi, the fact that I couldn’t afford my rent anymore did not leave me homeless.

Their apartment was not huge, by any means, and was up on a second floor.  I don’t think it was ever intended to be a 2-bedroom place!  I had furniture, books, kitchen stuff, clothes; my life basically, from my 4-room apartment, that somehow needed to be either put in storage or incorporated into their place.  My sister-in-law moved her studio from one of the rooms into the living room to make room for a bed, dresser, and nightstand.  A corner closet was stuffed with my clothes, shoes, and other “must haves” not relegated to either basement or attic storage.  My living room furniture was a challenge–the loveseat made a very nice addition to the hallway in front of a window and a great place for Freep to lie in the sun!

Three adults, two cats, one bathroom, somehow we made it work.  Bill and Judi opened their home to me. They gave me a space that I could call my own and made me feel like I was more than just a visitor, it was my home, too.  When I was finally ready to move back out on my own (after we’d moved ALL of our things to another apartment), I think we all breathed a sigh of relief.

There is no way I could have made it through that crazy time in my life, as well as some others, without them.  Thank you, Bill and Judi.  Love you!