Big News: Karma is Real!

A prompt for today’s blog Pretend that science has proven that karma is a thing. Your words and actions will influence what happens to you in the future.

treat people

This quote was on Facebook today, a lot.  When I read the prompt from Word Press, I thought it would be fitting to put it into my post.

There have been so many people in my life who, regardless of their own situation, have shown that what you put out in the world is what you get back.  They’ve gone out of their way to help me; with words of encouragement, a place to stay during my travels, a job.  In return for all the kindness I’ve been shown, I try my best each day to be the person God intended me to be.  I slip up on occasion, I’m human after all.

We are undergoing some changes in reporting lines where I work and there are several people who will no longer be part of my team.  I stopped by their site the other day to thank them for their continued hard work.  I assured them that their new manager will help them take their work to a new level.  When I got back to my desk I found I got an email from one of the ladies:


I’m not really good with words especially in person. But I wanted to just extend my gratitude for all the support you give us all. It has really been a pleasure working directly with you and I personally always learned something valuable every time we met. Although the program changes make a lot of sense, it’s still bitter-sweet!

Wishing you the best, and once again THANK YOU!



Today, I want to thank people like “L” for showing me that karma (or whatever you want to call it), is alive and well in my world.


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