All The Single Ladies

small heartWhen I was single, I never really liked the idea of Valentine’s Day.  I did find ways to make it fun most of the time.  In my 20’s I was teaching, so I’d make treats for the kids in my classroom.   In my 30’s, my sister Judy and I (both single at the time) would spend the time together usually making ourselves a nice dinner and exchanging cards and candy.  Finally, in my 40’s I got married, and now I have a date every year for Valentine’s.

ben and jerry ice creamWhile I was living in Vermont, a bunch of us girls who worked together had a girls’ only Valentine’s Day Party.  We’d decided that we could eat chocolate and give each other flowers without having any men in our lives.  And so we did. 

chocolatesA pot luck dinner in our red sweaters, with some Killian’s Red,  Lake Champlain chocolates, and of course several pints of Ben & Jerry’s; we enjoyed our Valentine’s Day celebration. We ate, we drank, we laughed, and wished each other a future filled with love…and chocolate.  Today’s thank you goes out to Liz, Helena, Carrie, Natalie, Tracy, and anyone else who shared that Valentine’s Day with us! 


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