July 30, 2012 Do Over!

Today’s writing prompt: Describe the one decision in your life where you wish you could get a “do-over.”

July 30, 2012.  On that day we, Steve and I cried “uncle” in the fight for custody we’d mounted to keep our grandchildren in Rhode Island.  It was by far the most emotionally difficult and draining day of my life. 

first day of school 2011The kids had lived with us for 16 months. They regaled us with stories of their life in Arizona that caused us, and anyone who heard them, to be concerned for their welfare and safety.  School social workers, teachers, principal, camp staff, therapists, neighbors, friends and family, all continue to ask about them.

I’m not sure what I would do differently if given the chance.  Would I fight less or fight harder?  What I would do differently:  try to get their mother to understand that we were fighting for their future the best way we knew how.  I’d want her to realize that we were doing what I hope she would do, if she heard of some kids in her world who were being left alone, exposed to dangerous situations or people, and said they didn’t feel safe.  I’d want their mom to realize that I love them.  I’d want their mom to respect that I fought for their best interest, the way she would.  We don’t agree on how kids should be raised–we’re pretty much on opposite ends of the spectrum.

I guess a do-over isn’t really  necessary.  Today, a simple Thank You to everyone who supported us, cheered us, fed us, guided us, and generally made sure we came back from the brink.

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7 thoughts on “July 30, 2012 Do Over!

  1. Two observations: Big brother is protecting little sister, and none of the children are looking at the camera.

    Beautiful children. I hope they are being taken care of properly.


    • Thanks, Fern. At this point the kids had only been here for 3 months and were not expecting to attend school here with us. They were so disappointed that their mom had not come to get them.
      We hope they are doing well, too.


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