Can’t Get it Out of My Head: A DP Writing Prompt

Have you ever become obsessed with something? Tell us about something that captivates your attention like nothing else.

I’m not sure I’d call it obsession, but I definitely go through phases of intense interest. The thing I wish I could be obsessed with is exercise, but that’s not likely. Usually, it’s with books and authors that I get into a deep love affair with and find it so sad when there are no books left to read.

ramonaIt started very early for me. I recall going to the library and getting all the Beverly Cleary books I could put my hands on at one time. I’m sure there was a limit to how many you could take at one time; she was, and continues to be, popular reading for children in upper elementary grades. The Ramona books were my favorites.

ludlumIn high school I got into John Steinbeck and Robert Ludlum, reading just about every book that was out at the time. I think my favorite of the Ludlum books was the Osterman Weekend!

By far though, I the books I became most obsessive about were the Harry Potter books. I was one of the grown-ups harryin the world who pre-ordered on and waited, impatiently, for release day–I knew the book would be in my mailbox when I got home. The weekend after the book arrived was spent on the couch or at the kitchen table or on my bed, reading. I’d carry the book with me around my apartment until it was finished.

Today’s thank you is for the grown-ups who instilled that love of reading in me. There could be worse, and even maybe some better, obsessions I could indulge in, but I’m happy with the one that chose me.

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