More Than Five Minutes of Fame

Today writing prompt:  Have you dreamt of becoming famous? What would your claim to fame be? Comedy? Acting? Writing? Race car driving? Go!

Five minutes, that’s all, just five minutes of fame is what most mere mortals can expect. The people who can turn their five minutes into something more, in my estimation, are just nuts. Or maybe it’s those of us who give them more than five minutes of play that are nuts!

As a child I had dreams of being the next Barbara Streisand as I stood in the living room singing “Second Hand Rose” as the album played. In high school, as a member of the drama club, I fantasized about being discovered by some random talent scout who scoured high school productions for the next big star. Then I grew up and my dreams of being famous have taken a different turn.

My new focus is on something that I think is more realistic. Upon completion of my year-long endeavor to express gratitude on a daily basis, I intend to publish my blog as a book. I’m not sure yet how and I know that it is not going to happen without some major work on my part. I can see myself being well-known enough that I am a guest on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, sharing my wisdom with the masses!

Today I’d like to thank the people who encouraged my childhood dreams, and, those who will help me fulfill my grown up dream of becoming a well-known writer.



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