Dating Disasters Lead To…

I could fill volumes with relationship disaster stories, they’d make a great sitcom script, stand-up routine, or sketch on SNL with Kristin Wiig playing me. Let’s just say that from about 1999 to 2004 (when I met my future husband) there were a few disasters. Here are some highlights of first date disasters that would have led to a Third Rate Romance:

OP“You’ll know me; I look like Oliver Platt.”

Really?!  So not the case, more like Oliver Hardy.  Not that it should matter, right?  It does.

“Do you want to see my insulin pump?”  Um, no.

sweaty guy“I hope all the sweating isn’t bothering you; I sweat a lot when I’m nervous.”   After he’d gone through two handkerchiefs in the span of one dinner.


“Yeah, this isn’t going anywhere and I’ve got other plans. Thanks for the coffee.”  We hadn’t even spent half an hour together in the coffee shop that was once a favorite of mine.


And finally, before I even met him in person, here’s how my husband-to-be opened the phone conversation:

  • Him: “Hi!”
  • Me: “Hi!”
  • Him: “Well, you’re 41, you don’t have kids, you’ve never been married…what’s wrong with you?”

We laughed and talked for three hours on the phone and then met the next morning for breakfast. The rest, is history!

I imagine that without all the disasters I wouldn’t have known the good thing when it walked through my door. So, thank you to the disasters for leading me to my last first date.

Enjoy some other bloggers who experienced Third Rate Romances!

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