If You Can’t Stand the Heat

winterI moved from Barre, Vermont to Providence in April of 1998 after living in northern New England for about 9 years. I enjoy the cooler and cold weather, I admit that freely, much to the dismay of many of the people in my world. I enjoy winter coats, sweaters, mittens and snow boots. I love the smell of cold, crisp air just before the first snowflake falls. I DO NOT enjoy hot weather. I especially don’t like heat coupled with the soupy, sticky feeling of humidity.

Don’t get me wrong it can get hot and humid in Vermont. It just never seemed to be that way very often; at least I don’t remember it being as humid as it gets here in Rhode Island. Simply put, heat and humidity makes me miserable! At the first sign of the dew point rising above 60 degrees, I turn the air conditioner on in my house. If it gets too humid I can’t sleep–it feels like I’m sleeping on a sponge, which frankly sounds gross.

The first summer I was back in RI it was HOT. I would sleep with the fan in my window blowing at the highest speed possible and with a cold, damp towel on my legs to try to stay cool. Just before the second summer was about the start I knew I needed an air conditioner or I was going to face another wretched summer in my second floor apartment. I’d mentioned to my mom and stepdad that I was going to buy an air conditioner and was reminded that Andy’s son worked in an appliance store. The call was made and an air conditioner ordered!

 Sair conditionerteven not only found me an air conditioner in my price range that would at least cool off the double living room area, he delivered it personally. I grabbed the screwdriver out of the tool drawer my kitchen and got to ready to put it in the window. Of course I’d never put an air conditioner in a window before, let alone a second floor window–Steven to the rescue, again.

I had a nice, cool apartment for that summer and for seven summers after that thanks to Steven!!

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