Vermont Reflections

There are many days that I miss living in Vermont.  The calm, quiet, clean feeling of the fresh air and uncluttered lifestyle.  When I am most desperate to feel close to my Vermont “home” I take a look at pictures my friend “Bud” puts on his Facebook page.  To participate in this week’s Photo Challenge I’m sharing a “reflection” of his backyard.  Thanks, Bud!!

fall back



Bloggers’ Reflections:

11 thoughts on “Vermont Reflections

  1. Nice interpretation of the Reflections theme! Do you miss the rugged winters of Vermont? Some of the best fall pictures I’ve seen are in Vermont and surrounding areas.

    As for me, I just happened to take a bunch of reflection photos Thursday (what a coincidence that it would the this week’s theme!) and you’re welcome to come and see what my take on the challenge is.


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