50, Really, is NOT the New 30!

What are your thoughts on aging? How will you stay young at heart as you get older?


When I turned 30, to prove to myself that it was “only a number”, I did a cart-wheel in my front yard.  Ten years later, to prove to the young staff I was leading that it was “only a number”, I again, did a cart-wheel.  Granted, at forty my head was a spinning a little when I stood upright coming out of the rather graceful acrobatic move.

You might be expecting me to tell that you that when I turned 50, I did a cart-wheel.  No, I was too afraid that my shiny new AARP card would fall out of my pocket!

I turned 51 a week ago.  While it was a quiet year in terms of my life in general, I still struggle with finding the most manageable way for me to eat right and exercise to get healthy.  For the most part I’ve given up my former exercise time in lieu of blogging. Most days it takes me roughly an hour to put the whole blog post together, even when I’m inspired by the topic.  I used to spend that amount of time several days week in some form of exercise or other. 

  • Do I give up blogging to exercise and record my eating into My Fitness Pal journal?  
  • Do I get up earlier in the morning to fit some form of physical activity in my day?
  • Do I set an alarm in my work calendar to remind me to get up and walk around more often?

A combination of these elements will certainly get me to aging as gracefully and healthfully as possible.  However, I’m going to take my lead from my folks.   

Active and in their mid-70’s, several months ago they changed their diet to a more Paleo approach.  The result: terrific weight loss, great numbers when they go to the doctors for check-ups, and the likelihood that some of the medications they’d taken for years will no longer need to grace the shelves of their medicine cabinet.

Today’s thank you is to Mom and Andy, for being great role models on how to age gracefully and as a result, be young at heart!

Thoughts on Aging:

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