Another Snapshot

I really enjoyed yesterday’s prompt and since it was to post only one photo, I did.  However, two pictures of the same era of my life really made me smile.  This one is also of girls in pretty dresses, but as you can see I did not have a headband in my hair like my sisters did.

I’m sure I threw some kind of hissy-fit about having how it wouldn’t stay in place so I shouldn’t have to wear it.  There was always just a little bit of drama about my hair when I was a kid.  Having my bangs cut while standing on the steps to the basement, lopsided pig tails, and snarls being cut out when my mom got fed up with my tears.

Again, the thanks goes out to Mom for putting up with my silly girl nonsense all those years (and she still does!)  Thanks, Mom!!

That's me, right in the middle.  The one with attitude!
That’s me, right in the middle. The one with attitude!

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